Advantage Video


Whether you excel at a sport or performing art -

You Need To Be Seen!

      High School awards and championships may generate interest, but unless a coach or instructor sees you perform, they won’t know if you have the potential to participate at the next level.

            ADVANTAGE VIDEO was created to help talented high school athletes and performers showcase their skills to college coaches and Performing Arts Departments, enabling them to market their unique talents at the collegiate level.


     With scholarships and admission to good schools becoming more competitive, every student, even those with the best credentials, needs a “hook” - that unique characteristic that sets him or her apart.

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We Make It Easy For You To Look Great

...We shoot, edit and produce professional quality Highlight Video presentations.

...We include whatever material the player, coach or instructor feels is needed

     (contact information, statistics, transcripts etc.)

...We create Profile Web-Pages for each player or performer.

...We update your Profile Web-Page throughout the year to keep coaches and instructors up to date with your achievements.

Excelling at a sport or performing art is by far the greatest “hook” you can have In College Admissions.

      Our sole objective is to showcase that unique talent to market a strong candidate for college admission.

     Please take some time to review the sample videos and Profile Web-Pages to see what  Advantage Video can do for you.